Institutional Effectiveness Metrics

The Office has developed a handful of Institutional Effectiveness metrics (IEMs) (sign-in required) to assist with program review, both comprehensive and annual, and new faculty prioritization requests. They are listed under three group types: 1) Credit Productivity (including courses filled, FTEF, FTES, WSCH); 2) Student Demographics (including age, gender, race/ethnicity); and 3) Student Success (including awards/certificates earned, course completion and success rates).

Student Success Metrics

CCSSE Race/Ethnicity Pilot Survey – Spring 2021 Results

Merced College partnered with the Center for Community College Student Engagement (CCSSE) to administer a voluntary online pilot survey. CCSSE developed this survey with “the purpose … to help colleges understand their students’ experiences with racism, inclusion, and belonging.” In April 2021 over 7,500 spring 2021 students received an email invitation to participate in the Race/Ethnicity pilot survey that CCSSE launched in spring 2021. View the summary of results.

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