At Merced College, students are our focus, and we are known by their success. We transform lives through education and workforce development.


Enriching our community through educational experiences and support services:

  • Degree/Certificate Programs
  • Transfer
  • Career Technical Education
  • Workforce Training
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Basic Skills
  • Community Engagement

Merced College promotes student success through equitable access, continuous quality improvement, and institutional effectiveness, all with a focus on student achievement.

Core Values

  • Graduation 2022

    Student Engagement & Support

    Merced College prioritizes student access and success.

  • Trust & Communication

    Trust & Communication

    Merced College promotes an atmosphere of trust where communication and teamwork cultivate an environment rich for teaching and learning.

  • Innovation & Technology

    Merced College utilizes agility, innovation, technology, and responsible risk-taking to anticipate the needs of the future.

  • Collaboration

    Merced College actively engages with the campus community and community partners to respond to cultural, educational, economic, and technological needs.

  • Critical Thinking

    Merced College strives for continuous improvement based on data-driven self-reflection, objective assessment, and dialogue to develop creative solutions for current and future challenges.

  • Diversity Center


    Merced College celebrates the diversity in our community by cultivating an inclusive and equitable college environment. We value the experiences of our diverse campus community and recognize that our collective identity is strengthened by all our lived experiences.

  • Merced main campus

    Well-being & Happiness

    Merced College fosters and values an environment supporting student and employee well-being, engagement, and happiness.

“Students are our focus and we are known by their success”

Our Motto

Master Planning

The Future of Merced College

We strive to continuously improve the Merced experience. Our Master Plans outline our goals and methods of implementation related to facilities, education and technology.