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Five Easy Steps to Register for Classes at Merced College

First start your application for admission through the California Community Colleges website.

Tip: If you don’t receive your welcome email within 48 hours, please email outreach@mccd.edu.

To help ensure students take the right English and math courses, Merced College uses a Placement Questionnaire (PQ) for course placement in English and Math. Most students will immediately receive placement results based on their answers to the Placement Questionnaire. The questions you will answer pertain to high school GPA, English and math courses taken in high school, and grades in those courses.

We recommend you refer to your high school transcript to answer the questions accurately. You can only submit the Placement Questionnaire once.

How to take the Placement Questionnaire:

  1. Log into the Merced College Portal using your username and password, go to WebAdvisor for students, then Academic Profile, then Placement Questionnaire (PQ).
  2. Open the Placement Questionnaire (PQ)
  3. Answer the questions to the Placement Questionnaire
  4. Check your responses for accuracy (Responses to the Placement Questionnaire will be randomly verified using official transcripts.)
  5. Submit your responses at the end of the Placement Questionnaire by checking the confirmation box and selecting on the “Submit” button.

Hands-on Help: You can go to the Welcome Center in the Lesher Building, Room 102 (lower level) for assistance with the Placement Questionnaire. Please bring your high school transcript (either official or unofficial) to answer the questions. View the contact page for Welcome Center office hours.

You can meet with Merced College staff and complete your online orientation.

Before registering for classes, every new Merced College student should schedule to meet with a counselor. A counselor will review your Placement Questionnaire and help you understand where you have placed.

A counselor will also help you plan the courses you will take your first semester (Abbreviated Educational Plan). Please bring a copy of your unofficial high school transcripts when you meet with a counselor.

Make an appointment here to see a counselor.

Register for classes through the MC Portal!


  1. Once you complete ALL steps you will receive a Priority Registration Date.
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Helpful Tips

Students with 15 or more units completed at Merced College must also complete a Comprehensive Ed Plan to receive priority registration.

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