Parking on our Campuses

  • Parking is by Permit Only; valid in General parking areas – See map for parking lot locations.
  • Day passes may be purchased from Ticket Dispensers for $2.00 a day.
  • Semester Passes can be purchased online. See the Buy a Parking Permit page.
  • See the Campus Police Parking Information page for details about parking permits, restrictions and citations.

There are approximately 2,098 regular and 90 disabled parking spaces available for students to use. Parking lot locations are indicated on the campus maps.

Please note that Lot P8 (west side of campus) is designated for staff use only. There are also plenty of parking spaces in Lot P1 (Allied Health Parking Lot), and Lot P2 (Tri-College Center), which is near the new Allied Health Complex. Please note that the east side of University Avenue is for pedestrian use only.

Bikes are to be secured in designated bike racks and NOT to hand rails, trees or outside of a classroom. For more information, please review Board Policy 6750, Section 16. Furthermore, violations will be subject to impound.

FREE Transportation

Merced College students, enrolled in credit classes, with a valid Student ID and current semester sticker ride The Bus for FREE. Simply show your current Merced College ID card when boarding The Bus. There are 238 bus stops in Merced County where you can catch The Bus for FREE! View bus route maps and schedules.

  1. You must be a currently enrolled student in credit classes.
  2. Get your student ID and sticker through the Admissions & Records Office at both the Merced and Los Banos Campuses.
  3. Show your current Merced College ID when boarding The Bus.

Printable Maps

Download printable versions of the Campus maps here!

Bike Rack Locations (BR):

  • Administration Bldg-East
  • Gym-Southwest Corner
  • Pool-Southeast by FHA
  • Tennis Courts-Middle
  • Vocational Bldg-East
  • Central Plant-West
  • Plant Science-Southwest
  • Child Development Center-Front
  • Library-Front
  • Allied Health Center-Southwest
  • Science Bldg-North
  • Services Bldg-West
  • IAC-Southwest
  • Fitness Lab-East
  • Pool-Northwest
  • Tri College-Northwest
  • Science-South

Motorcycle Parking (M):

  • S/E Corner of Parking Lot P9
  • S/E Corner of Parking Lot P10
  • N/E Corner of Parking Lot P5
  • West side of Parking Lot P2

PARKING on campus is by permit only. This includes all streets and parking lots on campus. Permits must be properly displayed at all times. Semester permits cost $30 and may be purchased from Student Fees (located on the third floor in the Lesher Student Services Center). Day permits cost $2 and may be purchased at the grey permit dispensers located in parking lots throughout campus. Day permits shall be placed “This side up” on the dashboard as directed on the permit and must be displayed in a manner that the permit number is clearly visible and unobstructed. Plastic permits shall be hung from the rearview mirror facing forward. Non-operational dispensers should be reported to the Campus Police Department.

DISABLED PARKING—Placards or license plates shall be displayed in conjunction with a valid parking permit. Disabled placards will exempt time limits in timed parking spaces but shall be displayed in conjunction with a valid parking permit. Disabled parking regulations are strictly enforced on campus.

PARKING VIOLATION FEES are processed by an outside processing center contracted by Merced College, NOT the Campus Police Department. However, Campus Police may be able to assist in providing information concerning procedures and requirements for paying fees. Vehicle registration will be denied by the DMV for delinquent fines on cited vehicles, until fines are paid. Citations may be contested or paid online at All designated parking spaces are enforced at all times. Community College Drive North is open from 07:30a until 10:00pm weekdays; closed on weekends, holidays and/or any other days the college may be closed. For Additional Information: Campus Police Office: (209) 384-6054 or Campus Police webpages.