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Earn college credits to get a jump start on your education!

What are the benefits of CCAP?

  • Earn college credits while in high school
  • Take college classes conveniently at your high school with your friends
  • Taught by qualified instructors at your high school
  • Save money! CCAP students are not required to pay tuition or purchase books!
  • Develop a seamless transition from high school to college
  • Credits are transferable to colleges and universities

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the classes are transferable to other colleges and universities. If you want to know whether a class is transferable to a private university, please contact the university’s counseling office directly.

The course grade will be posted on the students Merced College student portal.

Yes, you have to complete the Merced College application process each semester.

If you want to go the Merced College after completing the CCAP program, make sure to re-apply. Be sure to state that you will be graduating and enter your expected graduation date in the application.

Yes, as a Merced College student, you will always have the same student ID number. Whenever you are a returning student, and resubmitting an online applications, there is a section where you will be able to enter your student ID number.

Students can request their unofficial high school transcripts for free, with the high school counselor.

Please consult with your high school counselor before you decide to drop a class. You can also refer to the Dates & Deadlines page.

Merced College enrollment, grades and student information must be accessed by the student. FERPA does not allow us to release information to anyone but the student. In order for a parent to access student information, the student must complete the Authorization to Release Student Information form found on Admissions and Records forms page.