Program Description

The Merced College Automotive Technology program provides students with skills required for efficient diagnosis, maintenance and repair of current automobiles and automobile systems.   The program is recognized and certified by ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) To the Automotive Service Technician Level (AST) and the automotive program instructors are ASE certified at the instructor level.  The Merced College Automotive program is also certified by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) to teach the Basic and Enhanced Clean Air Car Courses.


Merced College offers the following degrees/certificates in Automotive Technology:

  • Automotive Technology Level 1 Certificate (09010.CL)
  • Automotive Technology Level 2 Certificate (09002.CT)
  • Automotive Master Technician Certificate (09008.CT)
  • Automotive Master Technician, A.S. (09003.AS)

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Career Opportunities

  • Automotive Service Technicians
  • Automotive Line Technicians (mid-level)
  • Automotive Master Technicians
  • Service Managers
  • Parts Specialist
  • Field Technical Specialists
  • Director of Fixed Operations
  • General Managers

Course Sequence

This is a sample three-semester course sequence for an Associate Degree or Certificate of Completion for Automotive Technology:

Semester 1
AUTO 04 Automotive Mechanics
AUTO 63 Basic Automotive Electronics for Technicians
AUTO 32 Wheel Alignment and Suspension
AUTO 33 Automotive Brake Systems
AUTO 42 Automotive Electrical Systems
Semester 2
 AUTO 41   Automotive Engines
 AUTO 36   Automotive Manual Transmissions and Drive Trains
 AUTO 43  Automotive Fuel Systems
 AUTO 46  Automatic Transmissions
Semester 3
 AUTO 44  Automotive Air Conditioning, Heating System, Cooling System
 AUTO 47  Engine Performance
 AUTO 55  Automotive Emissions Level 1 and 2 Training
 AUTO 56  Advanced Diagnosis and Repair in Automotive Technology
AUTO 66 Automotive Parts and Service Advising

Automotive Technology Faculty

Name Position  Office/Lab Email/Phone
Aaron Gregory Professor of Automotive Technology Industrial Technology 16  (209) 386-6677
Michael Weepers Professor of Automotive Technology Industrial Technology 17  (209) 384-6175
Randy Barnard Adjunct Professor N/A

Dave Woodall Adjunct Professor N/A

Gary Maxwell Adjunct Professor N/A

James Hasenjaeger Adjunct Professor N/A

Program Tools & Resources

For information regarding the Automotive Technology Programs, call (209) 384-6250, or schedule an appointment with an Industrial Technology Counselor by calling the Guidance Division at (209) 384-6314.