Welcome to the English & Humanities home page. We offer many general education courses, as well as degree and certificate programs. Our courses offer students a solid foundation for exploring these and other areas of study. Our web page also offers links to other helpful information, faculty web sites, and contact information for both faculty and staff.

We want to remind you that succeeding in college will require a high level of commitment on your part. So we also want to offer you the support you need, and wish you all the best in achieving your educational, career, and life goals.

Our Programs

  • Communication Studies

    This curriculum is designed to assist students from all majors in developing communication skills.

  • English

    The English curriculum prepares you in written and analytical skills and acquaints you with a wide range of literature.

  • English as a Second Language

    ESL will you help develop skills in essay writing, academic vocabulary, and research; for students whose first or primary language is not English.

  • Foreign Language

    Foreign Language will give you an in-depth view of a culture and language that will help to transcend your own cultural boundaries.

  • Humanities

    Humanities focuses on analytical reasoning as well as a variety of creative modes of expression.

  • Philosophy

    The Philosophy curriculum will teach you analytical reasoning, writing, and oral expression.

  • Reading & Writing

    This noncredit program is designed to serve students who have not met the minimum reading and writing requirements to enter college level coursework.

School of Humanities and Liberal Arts Staff

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