Vocational Nursing Updates (updated:  December 13, 2021)

Enrollment Selection Process:  Students will continue to be selected from the wait list until the wait list is eliminated.  Acceptance and Alternate emails will be sent to applicants on the wait list in April 2023.

LVN Wait List:  Annual confirmation emails will be sent in February/March 2022.  Make sure to check  email and spam folder.

New Applications & Process:  The program application process will move to random lottery once the wait list has been eliminated. 

That is projected to be in 2023.

If the wait list is eliminated at that time, the program will announce an application period with specific spring 2023 deadlines for fall 2023 selection.  At that time, application submission will be 100% online.

Until then, NO new applications are being accepted.

Continue to monitor this site for updates.

 For students interested in applying to the Vocational Nursing (LVN) program, follow these steps:

Step 1

Read entire Vocational Nursing Application Handbook, CAREFULLY.  Outdated applications/forms will NOT be accepted!  Applications are revised periodically and have a "revised [Month, YEAR]" footer. 

Step 2

Request from other schools, if applicable Official Transcripts to ensure course equivalency.

  • It is the applicant's responsibility to obtain a copy of course descriptions or college catalogs, descriping courses completed at other colleges to assist in establishing equivalencies.

Step 3

If necessary, contact (209) 381-6478 or email ecounselor@mccd.edu to make an appointment to see an Allied Health Counselor.  Bring with you to that appointment:

  1. LVN Application HB
  2. Transcript(s)
  3. Copy of your HS Diploma or High School Transcript or GED or Equivalent
  4. Other college catalogs, course descriptions
  5. Foreign transcripts - Formal Evaluation
  6. Military Credits

Step 4

Submit your application within the Application Timeframe.


Update 2/2/2021 - You can now print your Merced College Unofficial Transcript from your student portal. Instructions are found here.  For assistance obtaining obtaining a copy of an Unofficial MC Transcript, email:  admissions@mccd.edu.

Application Tip

Read the Vocational Nursing Application Handbook carefully for an application submission checklist, about the student selection process and other important information.