Update (February 25, 2021):

Enrollment Selection Process:  Students are selected from the wait list.  Acceptance and Alternate letters will be sent in April.

New Applications:  New applications are not being accepted at this time due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Application Process Update:  No new update is planned.  Check back in July.

For students interested in applying to the Diagnostic Radiologic Technology program, follow these steps:

Step 1

Read all of the information contained in the Program's Information, Procedures & Application Handbook carefully.  Outdated applications/forms will NOT be accepted!  Applications are revised periodically and have a "revised [Month, YEAR]" footer. 

Step 2

Request from other schools, if applicable Official Transcripts to ensure course equivalency.

  • It is the applicant's responsibility to obtain a copy of course descriptions or college catalogs, descriping courses completed at other colleges to assist in establishing equivalencies.

Step 3

If necessary, contact (209) 381-6478 or email ecounselor@mccd.edu to make an appointment to see an Allied Health Counselor. Bring with you to that appointment:

  1. The Program's Information, Procedures & Application HB.
  2. Transcript(s)
  3. Other college catalogs, course descriptions
  4. Foreign transcripts - Formal Evaluation
  5. Military Credits

Step 4

After you have met with an Allied Health Counselor (if applicable), prepare and submit a COMPLETED application to the Allied Health Division Office (room 126) .   Mailed applications will not be accepted.  Application forms are contained in the back of the Program's Information, Procedures & Application handbook (link above).


Update 2/2/2021 - You can now print your Merced College Unofficial Transcript from your student portal. Instructions are found here.  For assistance obtaining obtaining a copy of an Unofficial MC Transcript, email:  admissions@mccd.edu.

Application Tips

Read the Program's Information, Procedures & Application handbook carefully for an application submission checklist, about the student selection process and other important information.