Public Safety Programs Office

Name Position Email/Phone
Sylvia Ruano Acting Dean of Allied Health, Child Development, Kinesiology
and Public Safety / Area 4 (209) 386-6730
Maria Soto Area Secretary, Child Development and Public Safety (209) 384-6058

Criminal Justice Faculty

Name Position Office Email/Phone
Mark Johnson

Professor of Criminal Justice/Public Safety Coordinator                                                                                       

PSC3-6 (209) 384-6059
Robert Jackson Professor of Criminal Justice PSC3-7 384-6069
David Noblett Professor of Criminal Justice/
POST Academy Coordinator
PSC3-8 (209) 384-6172

Emergency Medical Care/Fire Technology Faculty

Name Position Office  Email/Phone
Bryan Donnelly Faculty Lead/Program Coordinator - EMT and Fire Technology Programs  PSC3-10
) 386-6769
Tom McCall Professor of EMT and Fire Technology  PSC3-9
(209) 384-6121