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The English curriculum prepares the student in written and analytical skills and acquaints the student with a wide range of literature.  An English major qualifies a student for employment in educational institutions, business and industry, and communications.  It is a frequently recommended major for students interested in pre-law, journalism, or library work.

Career Opportunities

Advertising Grant Writer Attorney
Interpreter Paralegal Manager
Librarian Editor Technical Writer
Public Relations Teacher  
Columnist Publisher    


English Faculty
William Baker English IAC-248 386-6721
Michael Barba  English, Puente IAC-261 381-6407
Cindy Chavez English LB-B- 386-6722
Josh Daughdrill English IAC-245 381-6533
Sean Epstein-Corbin English COMM-15 386-6754
Diana Ferrell English ART-9 384-6383
Susan Flatt English IAC-244 384-6222
Stephanie Franks English LB-B- 386-6683
Melissa Fries English IAC-243 384-6392
Heather Gonzalez English IAC-259 384-6779
Amy Hundley English IAC-263 384-6315
Pam Huntington English IAC-255 384-6500
Dr. Shirley Kahlert English IAC-220 384-6401
Susan Kimoto English LB-A-130 381-6590
Taylor Lankford ESL & English IAC-247 384-6306
Jason (John) Long English LB-B-117 386-6724
Jeremy Mumford English IAC-238 384-6178
Jennifer McBride English IAC-239 384-6376
Kevin Nelson English LB-B-124 386-6723
Keri Ortiz English IAC-240 384-6152
Myshel Pimentel English L-330 384-6364
Vince Piro English, Puente IAC-257 384-6385
Denise Rempel English COMM-20 384-6388
Jory Taber English IAC-223 381-6534 
Candace Hull Taylor English IAC-260 384-6336
Ryan Toth English VOC-127 384-6026
Tony White English IAC-241 381-6442 
Margaret Withers English IAC-258 386-6722