Attention potential applicants: 

We will begin accepting applications as follows:

Spring 2021 Application Dates & Times - TBA
Once the link is available, you will be able view the application, begin working on it, and save your progress.  However, you will not be able to submit anything until the appropriate day/time (see above).  The submission button for the application will not appear until it has been enabled.  Once enabled, the submit button will appear on the last page of the application (Scoring Rubric Tab).  It is at that time you will be able to submit your completed application with supporting documentation. Click here for troubleshooting tips.
Application link will be available in Spring 2021.
As a reminder:  If you apply on the wrong date (whether before or after your application window), your application will be  REJECTED.  No exceptions.

Update for RN Application (June 1, 2020)

Update for RN Application (April 24, 2020)

ATI TEAS Testing Opportunities

Letter from RN Program Director Re: TEAS Testing for Application

Letter from RN Program Director Re: 2020 Application Process

Letter from RN Program Re: 2021-2023 Application Process

All individuals who meet minimum enrollment requirements are eligible to apply to the nursing programs.  For students interested in applying to the Registered Nursing program, follow these steps:

Step 1

Read carefully the Registered Nursing Application Handbook.  The handbook describes application criteria and complete information on the selection process as well as the philosophy and objectives of each program. The handbook is extensive and may contain additional information not featured here.

The following links are examples which will assist you in successfully preparing an application for submission.  DISCLAIMER:  These are examples and meant for your reference only.  Your completed application may appear different to these examples and may be more/less extensive.

Helpful Links

Step 2

Submit your application within the Application Window.

  • Applications will NOT be accepted before or after the day & times noted -- for any reason.  
  • Applications will be accepted in Spring 2020, specific day & times will be posted on the Registered Nursing Application Handbook Cover page. Up to 60 students will be accepted for the next academic year (1/2 for Fall and 1/2 for Spring – based on grant funding).
  • Applications must be complete without exception.
  • It is the student's responsibility to meet with a counselor at least one or two months before the application period if they have classes not listed on the grid.  Refer to the RN Application handbook for further information.

Military Credit

BRN Enforcement FAQ's - June 2019