Program Description

The Department of Psychology at Merced College offers students an exciting and challenging curriculum. The curriculum provides students with an opportunity to gain an understanding of how psychological research and theory can be applied to daily life experiences. Students also gain insight into the behavior and personality of themselves and others. Psychology faculty work closely with students on their educational goals and provide help in seeking a career in psychology.


Merced College offers the following degrees/certificates in Psychology:

  • Psychology (AA)
  • Psychology (AA-T)

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Career Opportunities

All students, regardless of major, are encouraged to take a variety of psychology courses. Many students use psychology as a gateway to a diverse range of employment opportunities including education, social service, human relations, and mental health.

Psychology Faculty

Name Position Office Email/Phone
Jeanie Clifford, PhD Professor of Psychology IAC-214
(209) 384-6070
Scott Coahran Professor of Psychology /
Sociology - Los Banos Campus
(209) 386-6718
Gary J. Gargano, PhD Professor of Psychology IAC-212
(209) 384-6072
Vicki Engelke Professor of Psychology IAC-213
(209) 386-6705
Joel Murphy Professor of Psychology IAC-211
(209) 381-6595
Part-Time Psychology Faculty

Additional Information

  • Pscyhology Club:  The purpose of the club is to provide information for transfer to four-year Colleges and Universities, provide information in regards to career options in the field of psychology, to provide information in regards to scholarships and financial aid, and to provide a social atmosphere where students can form study groups and form interpersonal relationships. If you have questions, contact Vicki Lucey.