Program Description

The Mechanized Agriculture curriculum at Merced College is designed to meet the need for trained personnel in a broad range of occupational opportunities involved with or related to the Mechanized Agriculture Field.

  • As an enrichment program for the working farmer or Technician to update skills.
  • Certificate of Completion Program – a program in which all course work is directly related to gaining employment as a skilled mechanical technician.
  • Associate Degree Program – advanced technical skills are developed along with general education.
  • Transfer Program – formal education is continued at an advanced level in a four-year college or university.


Merced College offers the following degrees/certificates in Mechanized Agriculture:

  • Mechanized Agriculture Technology (AS)
  • Mechanized Agriculture Technology (CT)
  • Compact Power Equipment (CL)

Agriculture’s dependence on power equipment has given rise to a tremendous vocational education program at Merced College in the Mechanized Agriculture field.

The Mechanized Agriculture program offers courses in a wide variety of subject areas including Power Equipment Mechanics, Agricultural Construction, Diesel Engines, Hydraulics, Small Power Equipment, Machinery Management, and Power Equipment Operation. The Mechanized Agriculture facilities at the College are modern, spacious, and equipped with current equipment that is used in the industry.

For instruction in Power Equipment Mechanics, the College shop has diesel engines of all makes and styles, hydraulic components, injection pumps, tractors, and agriculture equipment used for “hands-on” student training. Equipment used in the operation courses consist of both current model tractors as well as vintage designs. In addition, all of the implements necessary to run a complete farming operation. Trucks and heavy equipment are also available for student instruction.

Career Opportunities

A recent University of California survey on employment opportunities in agriculture categorized the Mechanized Agriculture field as offering “one of the highest potential labor demands for new employees”.

Employment opportunities are excellent and range from farm equipment sales to equipment repair and other careers in related fields such as the trucking industry and compact power equipment.

Diesel equipment is an important part of the farm and industrial sectors of the national, state, and local economy. Persons skilled in the repair, maintenance, and operation of diesel equipment may secure a variety of jobs.

With the evolution of highly sophisticated farm machinery, the technical level of upcoming technicians in the areas of electrical and hydraulic diagnosis and repair is essential. The curriculum within the Mechanized Agriculture Program is designed to meet this need.

The following lists a few employment possibilities:

  • Heavy Equipment Technician
  • Agriculture Equipment Technician
  • Farm & Power Equipment Technician
  • Hydraulic Technician
  • Heavy Duty Electrical Technician
  • Diesel Equipment Technician

Mechanized Agriculture Faculty