Program Description

The Agriculture Business Program at Merced College is designed to meet the need for trained personnel in a broad range of occupational opportunities involved with or related to the Agriculture Industry.

Programs can be arranged several ways.

  • Certificate of Completion Program – a program in which all course work is directly related to gaining employment.
  • Associate Degree Program – advanced cover skills are developed along with general education.
  • Transfer Program – formal education is continued at an advanced level in a four-year college or university.


Merced College offers the following degrees/certificates in Agriculture Business:

  • Agriculture Business (AS)
  • Agriculture Business (CT)

The Merced College Agriculture Business curriculum at Merced College includes areas of farm accounting, agricultural computer applications, leadership, production, financing, purchasing, farm inputs, marketing, contracts, and performance records which are then used to make decisions in the managing of a farm or ranch enterprise.

Agriculture Business Faculty