Program Description

The Diesel Equipment Technology program at Merced College is designed to meet the need for trained mechanics in all phases of the diesel equipment industry.

  • As a Technology Update for diesel equipment mechanics in the field.
  • Certificate of Completion Program in which all courses are directly related to gaining employment.
  • Associate Degree Program – advanced technical skills are developed along with general education.


Merced College offers the following degrees/certificates in Diesel Equipment Technology:

  • Diesel Equipment Technology (AS)
  • Diesel Equipment Technology (CT)

This program is based on “hands-on” skill development with course time divided into two segments, 30% classroom sessions and 70% working in a shop atmosphere, while under the supervision of factory trained instructors. Instructional areas include the trucking industry, bus repair, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and industrial power. Students obtain skills used throughout the entire diesel equipment field in repair and maintenance of equipment. The sequence of courses within the Diesel Equipment Technology Program encompass all phases of technical training to insure the success of both experienced and graduating technicians.

Merced College has a spacious shop, equipped with the latest model agriculture equipment and vehicles currently being used in the industry. Since the right tools are essential to proper training, Merced College provides students with state-of-the -art tools required for the repair of most complex machinery. The college also maintains a large inventory of equipment and training aids to allow students maximum “hands-on” experience on both vintage as well as the most current equipment on the market.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for the Diesel Equipment Technician trainee are excellent. A recent survey of the Diesel Equipment Industry in Merced County has shown a need for 125 truck and bus mechanics and 75 agricultural and industrial equipment mechanics per year. In addition, there are jobs available in diesel fuel system shops, hydraulic shops, maintenance shops, and various other related industries.

Graduates from this program have been successfully placed on jobs locally, statewide, and nationally. The following is a list of popular occupations:

  • Agriculture Equipment Technician
  • Air Conditioning Specialists
  • Bus Mechanic
  • Diesel Equipment Sales
  • Diesel Fuel Specialist
  • Diesel Truck Technician
  • Electrical Specialist
  • Field Service Technician
  • Heavy Equipment Technician
  • Hydraulic Specialist
  • Industrial Equipment Technician
  • Marine Diesel Technician
  • Parts Person
  • Service Manager

Diesel Equipment Technology Faculty