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Out of an abundance of caution, we ask that only one person attend in-person counseling appointments, otherwise virtual appointments are recommended for the safety of college students and staff.

Virtual Express Counseling

Mon|Tues|Thurs: 9:00am – 12:00pm & 1:00pm-4:00pm
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Quick Questions, Pre-Requisite Issues, Level 1 Probation, One Semester Schedule of Courses

Merced Campus

Lesher Student Services Building, 2nd Floor
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A Comprehensive Student Education Plan is a road map to your goal. It includes the courses that you will need and helps plan out when to take these courses. Your education plan is based on your goal whether it is to graduate, transfer, or obtain a certificate.

Abbreviated vs. Comprehensive Student Education Plan 

Abbreviated Student Education Plan  Comprehensive Student Education Plan* 
Maps out courses for the first and sometimes second semester  Maps out all semesters required to meet educational goal 
Required in order to register for the first term  May be required in order to maintain priority registration 
To get this plan, attend a new student orientation session and then meet with a counselor. Attend this session in Merced or Los Banos.  To get this plan, schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor 

Commitment that pays off…15 to Finish
Merced College wants to help you stay on track. Register for at least 15 units each semester and graduate sooner.

Taking 15 units a semester has benefits:

  • Better academic outcomes
  • Earlier graduation
  • Earlier entry into your career

How to 15 to Finish

  1. Plan for it
    • Talk to a counselor if you have any questions.
  2. Schedule it
    • Register for 15 units x 4 semesters
    • 12 units x 4 semesters plus 6 units/semester for 2 summers
  3. Commit to it
    • Get to know your professors, use good time management, schedule your study time, and talk to a Merced College counselor for help.

The Program Pathways Mapper is a customized visual representation of the Merced College catalog. You will find it organized by Learning and Career Pathways, groups of similar programs that are designed to help you select a program of study and speed your progress towards completion. You will find information on occupations and careers commonly associated with each program, including typical wages and the labor market demand for California.

There’s a pathway for everyone at Merced College! Explore the Program Pathways Mapper today to learn all that MC has to offer! Learn even more about the Program Pathways Mapper.

If you are on academic or progress probation, you must schedule an in-person appointment with a counselor in order to have your probation hold lifted. No walk-ins or drop-ins are allowed. 

View our Probation Assistance page for more info 

Earlier registrations is better! Students are assigned a registration window based on specific criteria. For more information see Priority Registration Dates or Board Policy 5055. 

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