The goal of the Workplace Internship Network (WIN) office is to provide an avenue for students to gain industry related work experience through internship opportunities.  The WIN office strives to supply employers with a skilled, knowledgeable entry-level workforce while providing students with a competitive edge in a new career field.  Creating a WIN-WIN!

Some of our featured employers include:

  • E&J Gallo Winery
  • Dole Packaged Foods
  • Foster Farms
  • Sensient Natural Ingredients
  • Laird Manufacturing

How to register for Fast Track programs

CTE Fast Track programs are part of a Learning Community.  Learning Communities are pairs or clusters of courses that revolve around a theme or major in all the classes in that group.  To participate in a CTE Fast Track Learning Community, you must enroll in all classes scheduled in the Learning Community for any given semester.  Classes are block scheduled to allow for students to complete a certificate within three semesters or less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a job can be difficult especially if you lack the industry related experience.  The Workplace Internship Network (WIN) office assists students with gaining industry related experience by connecting fast track program completers with internship opportunities.  This service provides a pathway between college and career.  The goal is to see our program completers successfully employed.

Internship opportunities through the WIN office are directly related to programs of study that are considered Fast Track.  Currently, internship opportunities exist specifically for fast track programs in Welding, Mechanized Agriculture, Industrial Electrical Technician, CAD Mechanical Design and Computer Networking.

The purpose of an internship is to gain industry related work experience.  The majority of students applying for an internship do not have industry related work experience. Work experience in any field is helpful to gaining an internship through the WIN office but it is not necessary. 

Internship opportunities are extended to students who have successfully completed a fast track program, who have attended career readiness workshops provided through the WIN office, and who are referred by an instructor.  The WIN office will notify students during their final semester of internship opportunities including interview dates and times. 

Yes.  Interviews may be scheduled with two or more companies.  You may be interviewing for an internship at the same company as your former classmates.  The employer is the final decision maker on who is hired for the position(s). 

Internships begin at the completion of your program.  This is different from traditional internships which often take place during the course of study.    Fast track programs are completed in one year or less and complete in the spring (May) with the exception of the Welding program which is a one semester program and has completers in December and May.  A program completer that completes in May will likely have a summer start date.

Yes.  All internships set up through the WIN office are paid internships.  Pay varies based on the industry and employer.  Pay is comparable to that of an entry level position based on industry and region.

The length of an internship is currently 90 days.  Internships may be part time or full time with varying shift hours.

Yes.  However, it is not guaranteed that you will be offered a regular (part time or full time) position.  Based on the employer’s need and your overall performance, an employer may decide to offer you a position within the company. 

Contact the WIN office at 209-381-6580 or email [email protected]