The Career Center gives students the opportunity to research careers and find out which one would be best for them.  We offer several computer programs, websites, and books that offer students a variety of resources.  We also  have a Career Counselor available to meet with currently enrolled students and answer any questions you may have pertaining to your major and/or career interest. Merced College alumni can also receive Career services for up to two years after graduation.

2024 Spring Career Fair

Merced College Spring Career fair is designed to allow our students meet local employers to learn about their company culture, review their job vacancies and learn about their hiring process. The event will be held in the Quad from 10am – 1pm. We would love to see you there!

  • Career Counseling

    Discover your career path with the guidance of a Career Center Counselor. Our counselors can assist you in exploring your career options, preparing for interviews, and connecting you to internship and job opportunities to kickstart your professional journey.

  • Job Developer Guidance

    Meet with your Job Developer to discuss job search habits that will help you land a job, review different resume formats, and learn what it takes to succeed in any interview.  Your Job Developer will provide the stepping stones needed to get started.

  • Job Opportunities

    We offer assistance with part-time, full-time, or temporary employment referral services for students of Merced College. Whether it is an on-campus job or one of our community partners.

Career Assessments

Assess your individual skills and talents in one of our free career assessments.

Office Hours & Location

Merced Campus

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm

Location: Lesher Student Services Center 3rd Floor, Room 312

Frequently Asked Questions

The Career Center gives students the opportunity to research careers and find out which ones would be best suited for themWe have many computer programs, websites and books that offer students a wealth of knowledgeWe also have information about majorsIt is important for students to understand that they are able to choose a single career through many different majors.

Our center offers many different resources in a variety of formatsWe have a software program called Eureka that allows students to find their interests, connect them to a career and then match to a college and major that is right for them.

There are two types of Career Interest Tests, the Myers Briggs (MBTI) and Strong Interest Inventory. These assessments are free for students that attend Merced College. Students can access the Career inventories from their own computers or use them in the Career Center. To obtain additional information about Career Interest Test/Inventories, stop by the Career Center and speak with Career Center staff and/or Career Counselor.

Our services are available to any current Merced College student. Our services are also extended to former students for up to 2 years after they have left Merced College.

If you still have questions or are seeking additional information, please feel free to stop by Career Center or call for more information: (209) 384-6323 or (209) 384-6053.