Registered Nursing Updates


LVN to RN Pathway Application Window:


TBA     Please check back in June 2024. 


Transcripts Deadline: Official transcripts from other colleges/universities must be received by the Merced College Admissions & Records office as soon as possible for a formal evaluation.


2 Year RN Application Window for Fall 2024 & Spring 2025 admission:



Monday, March 18, 2024 9am (PST) through Wednesday, March 27, 2024 3pm (PST)


Transcripts Deadline: Official transcripts from other colleges/universities must be received by the Merced College Admissions & Records office by: Thursday, February 15, 2024


Continue to monitor this site for updates. 

Application Process

Students interested in applying to the 2-year RN Program or LVN to RN Pathway should be familiar with the following requirements and steps:

Follow the 5 easy steps to apply at Merced College in order to obtain a student ID and email.

Apply to Merced College the same semester that you apply to the program in order to maintain an active school email address.

High School Diploma or GED or AA/AS Degree or higher degree completed.

Before applying, complete the program’s prerequisites. 

All prerequisites must be completed with a “C” or higher and grades demonstrated on transcripts prior to applying.  “P’ is not acceptable.  It is recommended prerequisites be completed within five years of acceptance to the program. 

No “in progress” prerequisites will be accepted. Combined GPA on prerequisites must be a 2.5 or higher. View this example of how to calculate your GPA.

  • BIOL-16 General Human Anatomy 
  • BIOL-18 Principles of Physiology 
  • BIOL-20 Microbiology 
  • ENGL-01A College Composition and Reading OR ENGL-13/PHIL-13/H Critical Reasoning & Writing 
  • MATH-10 Elementary Statistics or equivalent course or higher level math  

Fill out the Criteria II AND IB – GPA and Prerequisite Course Form.  This must be uploaded with your application.

Additional requirements – see Point Criteria Summary 

All applicants are required to upload transcript(s) with their application. Transcripts must include all work shown as completed on the application. An application that is not completely filled out and/or does not have all transcripts submitted by the application deadline will be considered incomplete.

Official transcript(s) from other colleges/universities must be sent directly to the Merced College Admissions & Records office by the transcript submission deadline.

See how to obtain your Unofficial Transcripts on the Admissions and Records page.

View the Grid of Comparable Prerequisites Courses.  If your course(s) need to be verified for equivalency, it is your responsibility to meet with a counselor before the application window.

PLEASE READ the program information and application instructions carefully. 

Students will be accepted for the next academic year (1/2 for Fall and 1/2 for Spring – based on grant funding). 50% are selected by points and 50% are selected by lottery.


The examples below will assist you in successfully preparing an application for submission.  DISCLAIMER:  These are examples and meant for your reference only.  Your completed application may appear different to these examples and may be more/less extensive.

LVN to RN Pathway Examples

Talk with a Guidance Counselor


There are specialized Allied Health Counselors that are located in the Counseling and Guidance Area (Lesher Student Services Building – 2nd Floor).