What is the MC Portal?

The MC Portal at http://mc4me.mccd.edu is where you can register for classes, make a payment, access Library databases, Canvas and student email.

NOTICE: PortalGuard is going away, which means that we have a new "PadLock" called OTKA. https://mccd.okta.com/ 

Please, refrain from using PortalGuard to reset your password. Use OTKA from now on. All info here: http://www.mccd.edu/resources/techsupport/new-pw-policy.html

About PortalGuard Password Management

Merced College’s password management system (PortalGuard) provides a self-service avenue to reset your password from a mobile phone or email without having to call the Student Help Desk. See how to enroll your mobile phone and personal email for password management (pdf).

I Forgot My Login

At the login screen for the MC Portal, click the "I forgot my password | Reset Password" link to reset or retrieve your password. For new students, this will not work. Follow instructions on logging in to the MC Portal for the first time in the section below. (instructions here)

Login for the First Time

Your initial credentials for the first time you log in to the MC Portal will be:

USERNAME: firstname.lastname
INITIAL PASSWORD: birth date in MMDDYY format

More Help:

Video: How to log in to the MC Portal (http://mc4me.mccd.edu) for the first time.



I get a 403 error when I log on


403 error page

If after you log on to MC Portal you get this 403 error, it could only mean two things:

  1. You need to apply again in order to become a Merced College Student, because alumni have no rights to access MC Portal.
  2. You did apply again, but your application did not process corectly. You need to contact us.