Title IX Jurisdiction

BP 3433, Prohibition of Sexual Harassment under Title IX
AP 3433, Prohibition of Sexual Harassment under Title IX
AP 3434, Responding to Harassment Based on Sex under Title IX

The above policy and procedures protect students and employees, in connection with all the academic, educational, extracurricular, athletic, and other programs of the District, whether those programs take place in the District’s facilities, a District bus, or at a class or training program sponsored by the District at another location.

Jurisdictional Requirements – Application of Procedures

Title IX procedures apply if the conduct meets the following three jurisdictional requirements:

  • The conduct took place in the United States;
  • The conduct took place in a District “education program or activity.”  This includes locations, events, or circumstances over which the District exercised substantial control over both the Respondent and the context in which the harassment occurred, including on-campus and off-campus property and buildings the District owns or controls or student organizations officially recognized by the District own or control.
  • The conduct meets the definition of Title IX “sexual harassment.”