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MCCD Board Policy 7100: The District is committed to employing qualified administrators, faculty, and staff members
who are dedicated to student success. The Board recognizes that diversity in the academic environment fosters cultural
awareness, promotes mutual understanding and respect, and provides suitable role models for all students. The Board is
committed to hiring and staff development processes that support the goals of equal opportunity, diversity, and provide
equal consideration for all qualified candidates.

What is the definition of “diversity” and what is a “diverse” committee?

Title 5 53001 (b): “Diversity” means a condition of broad inclusion in an employment environment that offers equal
employment opportunity for all persons. It requires both the presence, and the respectful treatment, of individuals from
a wide range of ethnic, racial, age, national origin, religious, gender, sexual orientation, disability and socio-economic

Activity Best Practice Legally Mandated
1. Annual EEO Training Yes. CCCCO identified best practices include:

1) providing information and examples of
training for hiring committees that were offered consistently and at set periods of time, and

2) offering refresher courses for participants in hiring committees.

Training is mandated and must include (1) The district provides training on elimination of bias
in hiring and employment. Title 5, section 53024.1(c). (2) The district timely complies
with the requirements of Government Code section 12950.1, and includes all forms
of harassment and discrimination in the training.
Title 5, section 53024.1(i).
2. Question Review Allowable and encouraged for positions in which the committee is not screening for ‘being to think on one’s feet.’ Encourages more in-depth and longer responses to questions.
Committee may include all or a portion of the questions. Highly encouraged when the
committee plans to ask multipart questions.
No. However, may be a necessary ADA accommodation, which is legally required.
3. Discussion of candidates Yes. Confidential discussion of candidate ratings within the committee is important to get
to which candidates best meet the KSAs of the position. Each committee member’s perspective should strengthen the process.
No. However, the requirement to ensure the elimination of implicit bias is difficult, if not impossible, without discussion.
4. Job announcements can be different from the job description Yes. Job announcement should excite the applicant. Job descriptions are
negotiated/legal documents that provide a general description of functions.
Title 5 53022: Job announcements shall state
clearly job specifications setting forth the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to job
performance. For faculty and administrative positions, job requirements shall include a
sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students.  Job specifications, including any “required,” “desired” or “preferred” qualifications beyond the state minimum qualifications (set forth in
subchapter 4, commencing with section 53400 of this chapter) which the district wishes to utilize, shall be reviewed before the position is announced, to ensure conformity with the
requirements of this subchapter and state and federal nondiscrimination laws.
5. Vacancies should be posted internally
No. Title 5 Section 53021 requires external recruitment for all vacancies, except for interim recruitments.

*All Committee Members must be EEO trained prior to serving on a screening committee.

  1. Substitutes must be subbing for a vacancy that is either 1) in active recruitment or 2) for an employee temporarily absent. Subs are limited to 60 days unless the District has an agreement from CSEA to extend that timeline. (Such an agreement would come from my office.)
  2. Short-term employees must be working on a short-term project and are limited to 75% of a school year/999 hours. The services provide by the short-term employee may not be extended or needed on an ongoing basis. As a practice, we limit to 175 days (versus 195 days) and 980 hours (versus 999) in order to create a buffer. Ed Code sets the 75% of the school year limit before we own the employee. The 980 hour limit is prevent the employee from becoming PERS eligible and is an in-house limit. Please note, the number of days includes holidays, sick days, vacation, and other leaves and is not dependent on hours per day (even 15 minutes in a day counts as a day worked).

Reference: Ed Code 88003
One common mistake made in order to avoid hiring a sub or short-term employee is to increase the hours of an existing 19 hour employee. Once an employee has worked increased hours for 20 consecutive days or more, that employee owns the new schedule. Another action that can lead to issues is to assign the work to other employees. This is allowable if the employee being assigned shares the same job title and functions as the absent employee (workload does not generate out-of-class pay); if they do not share a title/functions, the employee should receive out-of-class pay if they perform the functions for more than 5 days.

Procedure Initiator
HR post pools for each discipline on a fiscal year basis or as requested for special pools. *Applicants will not continue in pool beyond a fiscal year. All applicants should be screened, scored, and interviewed (if applicable) within a fiscal year. Human Resources/Dean
Human Resources screens for minimum qualifications. Human Resources
Request to review/screen applicants made to Recruiter. Dean
Committee is established:
AP 7212: [T]he part-time process shall consist of the appropriate faculty lead or his/her designee. For part-time hiring, the area dean or  educational administrator “shall” be a member of the committee. The Academic Senate “may” appoint a member of the Equal Employment Opportunity committee EEO to each selection committee.
Dean and Recruiter
Recruiter adds committee members to NeoGov, giving access to screen and score. Melissa Ward
Screen and score applications. Determine applicants to interview.
AP 7212, Responsibilities of Hiring Committee:

  1. Review all completed applications;
  2. Evaluate each candidates application materials in regard

to subject area knowledge and competency, teaching and communication skills, commitment to professional growth and service, potential for overall college effectiveness, and sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of the District’s students;

Dean and Faculty Lead
If the applicant does not have required degree but may meet minimum qualifications:
Applicant will need to be approved by the Equivalency Committee prior to job offer.
Toni McCall and Equivalency Committee

AP 7212, Responsibilities of Hiring Committee (cont.):

  1. Provide for appropriate teaching demonstrations, writing samples, and/or other performance indicators related to the subject area;
  2. Select for interview those candidates who are most suitable;
  3. Conduct interviews and use a rating system to evaluate responses;
  4. Individual committee members must be present for each interview in order to participate in the evaluation of candidates; and
  5. Conduct teaching demonstrations;
  6. Maintain confidentiality of materials and information about candidates.
Dean and Faculty Lead
Establish the pool.
AP 7212: From among those interviewed and considered well qualified, the committee selects as many candidates as possible to enter the part-time hiring pool. Candidates from the part-time hiring pool would be kept up to date by the Human Resources Department.
Dean, Faculty Lead, and HR
Staffing a class:
AP 7212: Area deans or educational administrators, in consultation with the faculty lead and or subject area designee would choose and select candidates from the pool for the specific course that is unstaffed. At the Los Banos campus, the faculty coordinator Lead will work in tandem with the discipline specific faculty to make recommendations for hiring to the dean in Los Banos.
Dean and Faculty Lead
Recruiter forwards final candidate to Contracts Technician for hire Melissa Ward and Toni McCall


Recruitment Timeline for Applicants

  1. Position closes after being advertised for approximately 2-3 weeks.
  2. Hiring committee reviews applications for one week after the position closes.
  3. Committee determines applicants to interview, one week after reviewing applications.
  4. HR sends out emails to all candidates informing them of their status in the recruitment.
  5. Interviews are held one-two weeks after committee meets. Reference checks begin for finalist.
  6. Finalist’s name forwarded to next Board of Trustee’s meeting, held the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

When it comes to recruitment, do you ever wonder, “Why does HR do what HR does?” Title 5 Section 53021, Recruitment, is a great place to start.

Title 5 also contains EEO requirements that are more lengthy and detailed.

Employee Incidents & Emergencies

Report the injury immediately to your management supervisor. All Industrial Injuries/Illnesses
must be reported to make sure that the injured employee receives appropriate care.

The supervisor will conduct an accident investigation to determine causes and implement
corrective action to prevent further occurrences and submit a complete Supervisor Accident
Investigation Report to Human Resources within 7 working days of occurrence.

Emergency: In all life-threatening emergencies, call 911 then notify Human Resources.

Non-emergency: The supervisor will give the employee the number for The Company Nurse
(877-854-6877). Company Nurse will take the mechanism of the injury over the telephone;
assess the severity of the symptoms or complaints and direct medical treatment if necessary.
After receiving medical care, it is essential that the employee bring the medical work status slip
to Human Resources.

During normal business hours, Human Resources will provide the employee with the DWC 1
benefits form. The employee will take this form with them to the medical treatment facility. If
no treatment is needed at this time, the employee will keep the copy in the event of a need for
future treatment for this injury.

Treating Physician: An injured employee will be referred to a District physician unless he/she
has designated a personal physician by submitting the Pre-Designation of Physician form. This
designation must be on file in the District’s Human Resources Office prior to an injury/illness
(“Personal Physician” is defined as the employee’s regular physician and/or surgeon, who has
previously directed the medical treatment of the employee, and who retains the employee’s
medical records, including his or her medical history). To request one of these forms, please call
the Human Resources Office at extension 6479.

A personal physician must agree to be pre-designated. To protect the employee, it is
recommended that the above-described form be on file with the Human Resources Office in
order to avoid any disputes.

After beginning treatment, it is the responsibility of the employee to regularly obtain physician
(medical) notes and to communicate the status of the injury/illness and treatment progress
immediately to the Human Resources Office. Failure to do so may affect the status of the claim.

Prior to returning to work, copies of all medical documentation must be provided to the Human
Resources Office including the “Release to Return to Work”. The “Release to Return to Work”
needs to state a return with/without restrictions.

If the injured employee is not cleared to return to work or has work-restrictions from the
treating physician, he/she will need to be cleared prior to returning to work by that physician
and the Human Resources Office. The physician must document time off for any work injury.
This includes doctor’s appointments and/or physical therapy appointments if applicable.

If the injured employee is released to return to work with restrictions, the Human Resources
Office staff will review that information received from the doctor with the supervisor to
determine if appropriate work is available.


To access Leave Balances, please follow the directions below. Go to the MC Portal and log on Look for WebAdvisor

  1. Select WebAdvisor for Employees
  2. Select Employee Information
  3. Select Leave Plan Summary


For full-time faculty, leave is in days
For overload, leave is hours


Leave is in hours


Leave is in days

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