Important Dates

  • Current benefits plan year: 2023-2024
  • Open enrollment changes went into effect on October 1st
  • $12

    10 Monthly Contributions

  • $100

    Individual Deductible

  • $300

    Family Deductible


Benefit Information Changes

Family members, such as dependents or spouses, can be added or dropped to benefits during open enrollment or within thirty (30) days of a life event. Life events include, but are not limited to, the following: marriage, divorce, new child (birth, adoption, or regained custody), change of spouse’s employment status, death of spouse or dependent, dependents regaining dependent status, loss or gain of similar coverage (self and/or dependent).

To add or drop a spouse or family member please submit the following documents to your benefits technician:

  • SISC Membership Change Form adding or dropping dependent(s);
  • Supporting documentation of life event (Birth Certificate, Marriage License, Certificate of Death, etc.)

Please provide the following documents that pertain to your life event:

A change in your marital status is considered a life event. As such, getting married or divorced allows you to enroll or drop dependent(s) within thirty (30) days of the event’s occurrence. To process such a change, you will need to present the following documents to your benefits technician:

  • SISC Membership Change form adding or dropping dependent(s)
    Marriage license/certificate or Divorce Decree
  • Social Security cards for dependent(s) added following a marriage
  • Medical ID cards of any dependent(s) removed from coverage due to the divorce

Please complete the following forms and route them to Forms can be found in the Forms section of the benefits webpage.

If you, your spouse, domestic partner, or child had a name change please provide your Human Resources (employee name changes only) and your benefits technician with following

No, benefits may only be changed during open enrollment or during a qualifying life event.


The district’s plan covers 150 days per calendar year of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. For more information or specific questions please reach out to Anthem member services at 1-800-662-5502.

No, Anthem PPO allows you to see specialists without a referral from your doctor. Although, it is highly recommended that employees verify that the specialist they wish to see is covered within our network to avoid any surprise charges.

The Sydney mobile App and your Anthem member webpage are great resources to look up your benefit coverage. Calling Anthem member services at 1-800-662-5502 is also a resource that may be used to verify coverage.

To check if your doctor and/or specialist are in network please call Anthem member services at 1-800-662-5502 or by looking them up in your Sydney mobile app or Anthem profile.

Yes, our insurance covers breast pump/supplies up to one occurrence per calendar year. For additional information please contact Anthem member services at 1-800-662-5502.

Yes, employees are able to contribute towards additional retirement funds through Tax Differed Solutions (TDS).

General Benefits Questions

YES! $12.00 cover your entire family’s Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits cost. Plus, employees get district paid disability coverage and a $50,000 life insurance policy.

Yes, there is a $100.00 individual deductible for employee’s and their spouse or domestic partner and a $300.00 deductible for families.

Employee benefits coverage will begin on the first day of the month following their start date. For example, if an employee starts work on January 1st benefits coverage will begin February 1st.

Digital copies of your cards are available via your Anthem online profile and the Sydney health app. Please note you will need your Member ID to register. If you do not have your member ID on hand or wish to order new cards, please call Anthem member services at 1-800-662-5502.

Please inform your benefits technician at your earliest convenience in order to begin your leave process as early as possible. Pregnant individuals have access to protected leaves such as PDL (Pregnancy Disability leave), FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act), and CFRA (California Family Rights Act). Your benefits technician will provide you with our FMLA Medical Certification and FMLA Request for Family Medical Leave forms to be filled out by you and your doctor and returned to us once completed. You may also be provided with Lincoln Disability forms for you and your physician to complete. Please do not forget to inform us when your baby is born as this will help us track your leave, and begin the process of adding them to your benefits. To process the addition of your child(ren) to your benefits, you will need to present the following documents to your benefits technician:

Yes, there is a thirty (30) day waiting period before disability kicks in. Additionally, if an employee has more than 30 days of sick leave available all unused sick leave must be exhausted prior to disability becoming effective.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have such an option. Please feel free to reach out to your benefits technician for confirmation of your current benefits coverage.

You can expect to only receive your Anthem Medical card(s) for yourself and/or spouse, dependent children will not receive insurance cards. Dental and Vison cards are not needed nor provided, you can access your dental card by registering for your Delta Dental account.

Yes, it is possible for employees to keep their dependent child(ren) on their benefits if they are disabled. In order to do so employees must have a Disabled Dependent Form completed by their physician and submitted to the address listed on the form.

The short answer is September 30th. The longer more informative answer is, you have a grace period of seventy-five (75) days after September 30th to spend remaining funds in your HSA account and ninety (90) days after September 30th to submit any pending documents. To see your account balance and/or pending items please register for an account.