The following health insurance information is part of the International Student Application Admissions Requirements.

Medical care in the United States is very expensive. Individuals are required to pay for their own medical care; it is not sponsored nor paid for by the government. Merced College requires all international students to have adequate health insurance during their enrollment at Merced College.

All students have the option of purchasing medical insurance from an agent of their choice.  You will be required to show proof of health insurance prior to enrolling in classes and throughout your enrollment.

Example 1: The cost of coverage through ISO is as follows (check their website for more details):

Silver $400,000 Annual Maximum $31 per month
Gold  Unlimited Annual Maximum $49 per month
Platinum Unlimited Annual Maximum $75 per month

Example 2: The cost of coverage for ages 18-24 through ISI is as follows (check their website for more details):

Smart  Medical Max. $200,000 $31 per month
Budget  Medical Max. $200,000 $51 per month
Select Medical Max. $500,000 $99 per month
Elite Medical Max. $500,000 $193 per month