Non-resident/International Students Estimated Expenses For One Year Of Study At Merced College

Listed below is the estimated breakdown of the cost per year for non-resident students. This is based on twelve (12) units (minimum for full-time status) per semester at $325.00 per unit. Summer session is optional.

Estimated Expenses Spring Semester Summer Session (Optional) Fall Semester
Total Minimum Tuition

(Tuition fee is $325.00 per semester unit)


(Full time is minimum 12 units)


(Optional: ex. 3 units in Summer)


(Full time is minimum 12 units)

Health Fee $21 $18 $21
Student Rep Fee $2 None $2
Student Body Fee $10 None $10
Transportation Fee $9.95 N/A $9.95
Health Insurance *see  Note 3 below *$618.50 (2/1-7/31) * $618.50 (8/1-1/31)
Food & Housing (homestay fee $900 per month) * $4,500

(5 months)

* $1800

(2 months)

* $4,500

(5 months)

Books & Supplies $25 (for rental books) $25 (for rental books) $25 (for rental books)
Total * $9,085.95 * $2,818 * $9,085.95

* Amounts are approximate


  1. Students are required to provide written verification of at least $20,000 in available funds (equivalent United States currency).
  2. Merced College offers a competitive tuition waiver to top qualified students.  The selection is taken place on a yearly basis.
  3. Proof of medical/accident insurance is required prior to registering for classes. Students that do not have medical insurance from their home country will need to purchase their insurance through our office.

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