The Events Department provides management for District facilities use, including credit classes, non-credit classes, community service classes, athletic events, theater events, community events and private use. 

Request to Use College Facilities

About the Use of Facilities

District facilities identified as Civic Centers or as designated public forums are available for community use when such use does not conflict with District programs and operations, per Ed Code 82537-82542.

Download the brochure for complete information about using Merced Community College District facilities:

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How to use Facility Reservations

The Events & Operations Department provides management of District facilities use which include credit classes, non-credit classes, community service classes, athletic events, theater events, community events, and private usage.

1. For facility use visit

This will replace EMS

All room reservations and facility use reservations originate here

Step 1 Home page reservations

2. Choose “Internal MC Meeting” from dropdown
3. Enter all information with an asterisk

4. Click on “Add Meeting”
5. Enter start date and time
6. Enter end date and time
7. Click on “Select Room”
8. Type in name of room to searchMeetings & Locations

9. Or search by scrolling through available rooms
10. Choose repeat pattern for recurring meetings
11. To request resources (tables, chairs, mics, & more, click on “Add Resource”

Search for available rooms

Search for available rooms

12. Search for resource by entering a description
13. Click on “Search for Available Resources”
14. Enter quantity of resources
15. Click “Add Resource”

Select a Resource

Select a Resource continued

16. Enter contact person’s info
17.Click to receive email notifications and updates
18. Click “Submit”

Contact info

Your request is now in the queue and awaiting approval. You will receive updates through the email provided.

Fee Schedule

Facility Charge Per Hour

Minimum two hours. Fees below do not include staffing.

Facility Group 1 Group 2
Theater $75 $135
LES-111 $40 $80
Classroom $25 $50
Specially Equipped Classroom $40 $80
Amphitheater $20 $35
Cafeteria $40 $80
Staff Dining Rm. $35 $75
Quad-table (daily rate) $20 $40
Gymnasium $80 $150
Gym-4 (mirrors) $25 $50
Locker Room $20 $25
Football Practice Field $35 $50
Soccer Field $35 $50
Track $40 $70
Stadium $150 $325
Baseball Field $35 $60
Softball Field $35 $60
Tennis Courts (per court) $12.50 $20
Pool $75 $135
  • Fee Schedule as approved by Governing Board 08/11/15.
  • Fees are for facilties only and are subject to change without notice.
  • Event Support (Custodial, Grounds, Police) will be charged at the current rates.