Paramedic Program Updates

Applicants are now being selected for Spring 2024 enrollment.

Program Description

Paramedicine is an allied health profession whose specialty is to provide pre-hospital emergency medical care at the Advanced Life Support (ALS) level.  Didactic, clinical, and field internships prepare the student to assess and treat a wide variety of medical and traumatic emergencies in the pre-hospital setting.  The knowledge and skills acquired through the program will prepare students to meet the professional responsibilities outlined in the Paramedic scope of practice per the California Code of Regulations, Title 22, and to meet certification standards for Paramedics as outlined by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT).  Credit Value: 39 units (includes field and clinical experience)


Merced College offers the following degrees/certificates in Paramedic:

Paramedic (CE)

Career Opportunities

This certificate leads to potential employment with ambulance providers, fire departments, police departments, hospitals, doctor’s offices and private companies who require on-site emergency medical responders. Many who enter at the Paramedic level also choose to continue their education toward an advanced health care profession.

Certifying Exam

Completion of courses EMER-10, EMER-11, EMER-20, EMER-21, EMER-30 and EMER-31 meet the requirements of Title 22, Division 9, Chapter 2 of California Administrative Code. Students successfully completing the courses are eligible to take the Paramedic certifying exam from the National Registry of EMT.

Limitations on Enrollment

Limitations on enrollment for EMER-10, EMER-11, EMER-20, EMER-21, EMER-30, AND EMER-31: Participants must have taken EMT course within the last collegiate calender year, passed with grad of B or better, and successfully pass entrance examination.  OR, if NREMT 1 Certification  held for greater than one (1) year-proof of field experience and successful completion of entrance examination.  NREMT 1 Certification ( current), and maintained throughout coursework.  Minimum 18 years of age, Live scan background clearance. Health screen clearance.  BLS Health care Provider card (current) and maintained throughout the course.  Based upon State and Federal Regulations, CA Title 22.

Course Descriptions: EMER-10, EMER-11, EMER-20, EMER-21, EMER-30 and EMER-31

  • See the course catalog for full details on enrolling in these courses, other EMT courses, pre-requisites and limitations.

The Merced College Paramedic program holds a Letter of Review, which is NOT a CAAHEP accreditation status, but is a status granted by the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP) signifying that a program seeking initial accreditation has demonstrated sufficient compliance with the accreditation standards through the Letter of Review Self Study Report (LSSR) and other documentation. However, it is NOT a guarantee of eventual accreditation.

Paramedic Faculty