Currently the Adult Education & Noncredit Program offers classes in many locations throughout the county, including:

Atwater Community Center
760 Bellevue Road
Atwater, CA

Atwater High School
2201 Fruitland Ave
Atwater, CA

Castle Vista
2300 Cascade Dr.
Atwater, CA

Chowchilla High School
805 Humbolt Ave
Chowchilla, CA

Delhi El Capitan Elementary School
10115 5th St.
Delhi, CA

Delhi Middle School
16881 Schendel Rd.
Delhi, CA

Kings View Atwater
100 Air Park Road
Atwater, CA

Kings View Los Banos
703 I Street
Los Banos, CA

Livingston Campus Park Elementary
1845 H St.
Livingston, CA

Los Banos Campus – Merced College
22240 Highway 152
Los Banos, CA

Mariposa High School Auditorium
5074 Old Highway North
Mariposa, CA

Mariposa Senior Center
5246 Spriggs Lane
Mariposa, CA

Main Campus- Merced College  (see map)
3600 M Street
Merced, CA

Merced College Business Resource Center (BRC)
630 W 19th Street
Merced, CA

Winton Community Hall & VFW
7091 Walnut Ave.
Winton, CA