How to post a Flyer on the MC Portal

Route to Approve Flyers:

  1. Faculty/Staff: Create a flyer per requirements below
  2. Dean/Manager: Reviews that the flyer is relevant and meets requirements.
  3. Office of External Relations: reviews that the flyer meets requirements.
  4. VP of Student Services: Mike McCandless approves all student communication, including MC Portal feed.

Flyer Requirements

Flyer designs must include:

  1. Dept./organization or employee’s name + department/organization
  2. Phone number and/or email
  3. Location specified:  Merced Campus or Los Banos Campus / Online
  4. Merced College logo

Other considerations:

  • 1 flyer per semester per faculty
  • 4-week runtime limit
  • Content must be Merced College focused (no outside entities)
  • 1-3 day turnaround for posting

Request Flyer to be Posted

Check below to ensure your flyer meets the requirements. Once you submit the request your flyer will be reviewed and will receive email updates on if it is approved to post or not.

Questions About the Logo?

Office of External Relations
Phone: (209) 384-6176