Information for Faculty: Perkins Funding

Process For Applying For Perkins Funding:

Step 1:  Faculty download and complete 1 Cover Page and 1 Application per project proposal to include quotes and submit to Area Dean and CTE Dean by September 30th.

Step 2: CTE Dean Reviews Applications and submits a District Perkins Title I-C Application mid Spring semester.  Chancellors Office reviews all California Community College Perkins Applications and generally approves by June, for program funding in July.

Step 3.  CTE Dean emails Faculty and respective Area Deans status of applications, along with budgets at the commencement of Fall semster.

Step 4.  Faculty MUST spend allocations by May 1st to completely close out the account line.

NOTE:   All out of state travel must be approved by the Chancellor’s Office prior to a trip request being made to the CTE Dean.  The trip request MUST have attached Chancellor’s Office approval.  Trip Requests to Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee are currently banned states.