Program Description

Study in the Humanities Department at Merced College focuses on analytical reasoning as well as a variety of creative modes of expression. These modes may include writing, film making, theatrics, and the fine arts. Humanities education involves the study of cultural manifestations in all its varieties. It is the study of intellectual, cultural, and aesthetic development through history with an integration of multi-cultural influences.


Merced College offers the following degrees/certificates in Humanities:

Humanities (AA)

The Humanities curriculum is designed around a core education that includes the historical study of the humanities, and various other courses in literature, philosophy, art, music, and foreign languages.

The Humanities Department is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. We recognize that humanities and humanities education enhance the cultural, economic, and social aspects of the community. The study of humanities broadens world views and enhances the critical thinking skills applicable to any area of endeavor. We also explore the deepest aspects of self, community, and existence.

Humanities Faculty