Refund Policy

It is the student’s responsibility to request a refund. Submit a refund request form and set up your eRefund Account.

The general refund policy covers the following fees: enrollment fees, non-resident tuition, state health fees, student representation fees, student body fees, instructional material fee, parking fee and transportation fee . 

Students may apply for a refund if withdrawing from courses within the first two weeks of a full semester (18-week) course or, in the case of non 18-week courses, before 10 percent of the class meetings have passed. 

After the second week of a full-semester course, or after 10 percent of the class meetings have passed on a non 18-week course, no refunds are available.  Any additional classes added after the first two weeks will incur a financial responsibility. 

For more detailed information please review our Board Refund Policy doc.

See the Fee Deadlines for refund deadlines.