Merced College Foundation Scholarships!

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Deadline March 31st

Scholarship Presentations

February 22nd,  2024 10am-11am Zoom Online
February 28th, 2024 5pm-6pm Lesher 111
March 13th, 2024 5pm-6pm Zoom Online
March 14th, 2024 4pm-5pm Lesher 111

What if I Receive a Scholarship? 

If you have received a scholarship, you need to see the Scholarship Coordinator in the Financial Aid Office. Outside scholarships include Bloss and Golden State Scholar Share Trust. 

See also:  Scholarship Disbursement information.


The Merced College Foundation Scholarships are offered once a year. The application period for the next academic year will begin February and end on March 31st. For the last couple of years we have been able to award more than $300,000 to our students. 

For more information:  Merced College Foundation


National Science Foundation (NSF) Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S-STEM)

This scholarship program is for academically talented students majoring in a STEM discipline at Merced College who have financial need.

How to Apply

  1. If you haven’t already done so, apply to be a student at Merced College.
  2. Compose either an essay (limit: 1 page) or video introduction (limit: 10 minutes) about yourself. Please describe your STEM-related motivation, any career goals you may have, any relevant extracurricular activities/community service, and any personal circumstances you think may be relevant to consider when your application is being evaluated.
  3. Gather Letters of Recommendation (from teachers, mentors, or employers).
  4. Complete the scholarship application available through the Office of Financial Aid.
For More Information

Please contact Ashleigh Rice:

Helpful Tips 

We suggest you do not pay a scholarship search firm to look for scholarships. First of all, you can do the research and save money. Below we list a few web sites where you can begin your search. Secondly, do not fall for claims you are “guaranteed” a scholarship. If you do receive a list of possible scholarship opportunities, you still have to apply and compete for the money. And, third, never give your credit card information to hold a scholarship.