If you lose something…

  1. Check your personal belongings in case it was put in the wrong place.
  2. Check the last place you were at and ask around.
  3. Locate the area secretary to the building, with the exception of Student Union and Lesher, and check to see if it was turned in.
  4. Check with Campus Police, located at the Police Safety Complex, Building 4.  By Friday afternoon, most found items would have been picked up or sent to Campus Police, already.

If you find something …

Found property are to be turned over to Campus Police in a timely manner.

All reasonable attempts will be made to locate the rightful owner of found property.  Once successful contact has been made, the owner must pick up immediately; otherwise, property will be subject to disposal.   If owner identification can not be determined, found property will be held up to 60 days before it is sent out to be destroyed.

Due to health and safety concerns, certain items such as containers with food and bottles with liquid wil be disgarded sooner than the specified time frame.

Property can only be released to the owner unless there are  special circumstances which will be dealt with on a case by case situation.

Please remember:


Campus Police will attempt to contact you with the information you have registered with the college; therefore, it is in your best interest to keep your contact information with Admissions and Records current.