The Merced College Faculty Association (MCFA) is the exclusive representative of faculty employees in matters relating to employment conditions including but not limited to, wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment.

As a representative body the purposes of MCFA include:

  1. Developing group opinion on professional matters to speak with the district and its representatives.
  2. Providing the opportunity for study and action on problems of the profession.
  3. Striving to raise the standards for community college education.
  4. Representing ethnic-minority members.
  5. Promoting professional attitudes and ethical conduct among members.
  6.   Encouraging cooperation and communication between the profession and the community.


Merced College Faculty Association is affiliated with the National Education Association.

Learn more about our organizational affiliations with the National Education Association, The California Teachers Association, or the California Community College Association:

Please watch the CCA site which provides information about upcoming conferences

Position Name Contact Information
President Megan Igo  (209) 386-6704
Vice President Adam Fong (209) 384-6018
Secretary Bradnon Tenn (209) 386-6783
Treasurer Craig Vilhauer (209) 386-6653
Negotiator Michael Lorenz
Chief Negotiator
(209) 381-5609
Negotiator Lorraine Barnes barnes.l@mccd.edu
Negotiator Aaron Gregory (209) 386-6677
Negotiator Caitlin Serpa (209) 384-6348