Note: Access to Agendas/Minutes

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Listed Alphabetically

  • Administrative Services Master Planning Committee (ASMPC)
  • Budget Committee
  • Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee
  • Classified Staff Development Committee
  • College Council
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Distance Education Committee
  • EEO Advisory Committee
  • Educational Master Planning Committee (EMPC)
  • FLEX
  • Health & Safety Committee
  • HR Council
  • Institutional Review Board
  • Instructional Council (IC)
  • Instructional Master Planning Committee (IMPC)
  • Merced College Data Users Group (MCDUG)
  • Program Investigation Committee (PIC)
  • Program Review and Outcomes Assessment Committee  (PROAC)
  • Standing Accreditation Committee
  • Student Equity Committee
  • Student Services Master Planning Committee
  • Student Success Committee
  • Technology Committee

Task Forces

  • Integrated Planning Task Force (IPTF)

Other Leadership Organizations