Our goal is participation. Every gift is important. The Merced College Employee Giving Campaign shows the power of each individual. 100% of your donation will go directly to support programs that benefit students and employees. Together we can make a significant impact.

Together, We’re Making a Difference!

Employee Giving

By participating, Merced College employees demonstrate pride in and dedication to our college and our community. Our collective effort in increasing employee giving will demonstrate to our students and other donors that we believe in and support the mission of Merced College.

Funding Requests / Mini Grant Program

The Merced College Foundation’s Funding Requests/Mini Grant Program was created to offer awards that will directly benefit college programs, departments, and divisions.

Examples of fundable projects

Successful grant projects that the Foundation has funded in the past include:

  • microscopes for science labs at the Los Banos Campus,
  • a satellite dish for foreign language instruction,
  • reference books for the Anthropology/Archaeology Lab,
  • a ceramics kiln for the Arts Division,
  • the development an on-line library orientation,
  • welding jackets,
  • college literary magazine,
  • grants research software,
  • an International Film Festival,
  • and more!