District Warehouse

The District warehouse is responsible for general receiving and distribution of supplies, furniture and equipment. With prior approval, the District accepts donated furniture and equipment, and pick-up surplus items for disposal.

The Warehouse only accepts shipments delivered with a duly authorized purchase order or they will be returned to the vendor. C.O.D. purchases are not accepted. All packages are opened, inspected for damage and checked off against the purchase order.

All items are delivered to specified locations within three days. Equipment received in the warehouse valued at $500 or more must be tagged and inventoried.

Disposal of District Property

Notify the Warehouse Staff of any equipment that is no longer needed or is unusable. The Fixed Asset Reassignment or Disposal Forms are located in the Purchasing Public web page. Complete the form, obtain the required approvals and route to the Warehouse Staff for transfer of property to the District Warehouse. Equipment considered surplus must be approved by the Board of Trustees prior to disposal. Purchasing will dispose of surplus property in compliance with Education codes 81450 and 81452.

Location & Hours

Warehouse, Merced Main Campus

We are on the corner of University Drive and Community College Drive

Mailing Address:
Merced College
Mail Stop: 45
3600 M Street
Merced, CA 95348-289


Monday – Friday
8:00 amĀ  – 5:00 pm