The mailroom prepares and transfers mail to the Post Office and throughout the District. We sort incoming mail and deliver to all mailbox stops.

Mailbox Locations

Individual Department/Division
Each department/division has a Stop number where mail is delivered.

Adjunct Faculty Mailroom
The adjunct faculty mailroom is located in building V-35 (Vocational Building). The door has a 5 digit electronic lock and code for access. Please contact Corina at (209) 384-6120 for the access code.

Student Mailbox
A student mailbox is located in the Student Union Hallway for students to drop off documents to instructors. Each student is responsible for properly identifying their items. Detailed instructions are posted on the drop box. One pick-up per day will be scheduled in the late afternoon with an expected delivery the following District business day before noon.

Outgoing Mail

All outgoing mail will be picked up at the same time as delivery. The last mail run is at 2:00pm Monday-Friday.  Mail drop-off boxes for outgoing mail are at the following locations:

  1. Administration Building , VP area supply room.
  2. Student union hallway for Veterans Center, Study Central, Student Health Services and the Cafeteria.


8:00am – 4:30pm

*The mailroom closes half hour earlier for Post Office delivery