Course Offerings & Descriptions

Individualized sport classes encourage the student to challenge themselves and can lead to improved life long fitness.

Adaptive PE

Adaptive physical education classes are offered to those individuals with special needs including but not limited to learning disabilities, congenital and physical disorders. Most are the result of illnesses or accidents. The adaptive PE class is dedicated to improving the condition of the disabled with rehabilitation through physical therapy including special exercises to build up endurance and muscle strength.

  • PHED-15, Adapted Physical Education


Swimming is one of the finest ways to maintain good physical condition. Students will improve their circulatory, flexibility, muscle tone, reduction of body fat, and also attain psychological benefits through aquatics. The wide range of classes will appeal to the beginning swimmer as well as the advanced.

  • PHED-13A – Beginning Swimming
  • PHED-13B – Lifeguard Training
  • PHED-13C – Water Calisthenics
  • PHED-13D – Fitness Through Aquatics
  • PHED-13F – Water Polo
  • PHED-13G – Diving
  • PHED-13H – Swimming Skills
  • PHYC-310 – Non Credit Lap Swimming

Athletic Training

Athletic trainers are responsible for the prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, referral, and management of all sports-related injuries for Merced College student/athletes enrolled in an intercollegiate sport.

  • KINE-03, Intro to Athletic Training

Strength Training

Merced College’s Physical Education courses meet the five health-related components of physical fitness which include aerobic or cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. These classes are designed to encourage a life long fitness plan for the student.

  • PHED-10A, Aerobics
  • PHED-10F, Flexibility and Cardiovascular Fitness
  • PHED-10H, Walking for Cardiovascular Conditioning and Flexibility: Bill Halpin
  • KINE-31, Aerobic Training (1)
  • KINE-32, Circuit Weight Training (1)
  • KINE-33, Weight Training (1)
  • KINE-34, Fitness through activity
  • KINE-13, Beginning Basketball (1)
  • KINE-14, Beginning Volleyball

Other Sports Classes

  • KINE-42, Golf
  • PHED-11C, Tennis
  • ATHL-01A, Intercollegiate Baseball
  • ATHL-01B, Intercollegiate Basketball
  • ATHL-01D, Intercollegiate Football
  • ATHL-01G, Intercollegiate Swimming
  • ATHL-01I, Intercollegiate Track and Field
  • ATHL-01J, Intercollegiate Water Polo
  • ATHL-01L, Intercollegiate Volleyball

Sports Classes

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