Program Description

The study of sociology helps us to see and appreciate all of our connections to others, and affords the opportunity to become more responsible, through analytical thinking, for ourselves and the human community.

The Social Science major is designed for students planning to major in social science and earn an elementary or secondary teaching credential at one of the California State Universities. Students should work with their counselors for specific university requirements. Contact the Social Sciences dean or secretary for more information.


Merced College offers the following degrees/certificates in Social and Behavioral Sciences:

Social and Behavioral Sciences (AA)
Sociology (AA-T)

More About Sociology

Sociology provides a wonderful opportunity to become sociologically intune; suggesting an ability to see the world differently. It is a journey that is not always comfortable and often unsettling because it forces us to see things we would prefer not to. Being intune, is being aware of how our lives, yours and mine, are inextricably intertwined, and understanding that what effects one, will eventually affect all. It is the view of life as an interconnecting web, with each strand a pathway of knowledge and potential understanding.

Sociology Faculty