The basic skills program consists of a sequence of courses to provide instruction for individuals in elementary and secondary-level reading, writing, computation and problem-solving skills in order to assist them in achieving their academic, vocational, and personal goals. Upon completion of the basic skills program the student will be able to address the content and proficiency at levels through the twelfth grade and may incorporate a high school diploma.

Required Coursework:

Course # Course Name
SOCL-760 Career and Life Planning
SOCL-761 Vocational Life Planning
EDU-110 Reading and Computers
EDU-111 Reading and Computers II
GED-101 Basic Skills Development and GED Preparation
EDU-112A Skills Acquisition for Student Success – General
EDU-112B Skills Acquisition for Student Success – Math
GUI-101 Introduction to College
GUI-102 Probation Solutions – Level 1

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