About the Superintendent/President

Prior to his role as Superintendent/President, Chris Vitelli was the Vice President of Student Services at Merced College.  He has extensive years’ experience in management and administration, including senior administration-level experience serving in various capacities, including Chief Student Services Officer (CSSO), Chief Instructional Officer (CIO), and Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO).  Vitelli has also served as Dean of Instruction and interim Vice President of Student Services at Columbia College in Sonora, California.  Other professional experiences include Director of Student Services for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Florida and Director of Business, Industry, and Community Services at Merced College.

Each of these roles required leadership and collaboration with the implementation of educational and instructional programs, special projects, and budget management.  These experiences have shaped Vitelli’s career trajectory as a “can do,” innovative leader with strong vision and have prepared him to lead MCCD by providing a deep knowledge base and familiarity with all aspects of a community college organization.

Vitelli has led efforts to make “students first” while at Merced College.  Since his arrival as Vice President of Student Services, the College has expanded outreach efforts in the community and strengthened relationships with high school partners and four-year institutions, increased student equity and success initiatives, supported efforts to grow special services and programs such as veterans’ resources and foster youth, and enhanced student support services through technology and data.

Vitelli’s value of education is derived from a broad perspective of its benefits, as well as from personal experience.  As a first-generation college graduate, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education and Communication at the University of Florida, a Master of Education in Administration, Planning, and Social Policy from Harvard University, and Doctor of Education from Arizona State University.