We have been taking significant steps to increase network security. One protection that has been long overdue is enforcing that network passwords change on a regular basis. As such we are requiring password changes using the criteria listed below. To change your password use the link provided below and the Password Change Instructions. Remember that after you change your password you will want to immediately update the password for any mobile devices that connect to the network or they may cause your account to be locked out.

New password change requirements:

  • Minimum password length: 12 characters
  • Old passwords cannot be reused for: 24 entries
  • Must change every 90 days; the system enforces this automatically
  • Must be complex (upper, lower, number, special character)
  • Account lockout after 3 failures for 15 minutes
  • Must wait at least 1 day before changing password again after the last change

Please use the following link to change your password to match the new requirements.

* If you are using an on-campus workstation while resetting your password, we recommend signing out and then back in with the new password directly after you have completed the reset. Keep in mind that this password is the same for all of our integrated services such as Webmail, Teams, Office 365, Mc4me, Canvas, and so on.

The process is intended to be entirely self-service; however, the IT Helpdesk will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Student Helpdesk: [email protected], (209) 381-6565
Employee Helpdesk: [email protected], (209) 384-6180