Strategic Implementation Plan Update


Merced College Colleagues,

As you are aware, over the course of the 2017-2018 academic year, a 16-member task force worked to complete a five-year Educational Master Plan (EMP). The EMP was adopted by the Board of Trustees at the end of the academic year. This document provides goals and objectives grounded in research and input from both internal and external community partners.

This fall, MCCD is distilling the EMP into actionable steps through a Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP).  Action teams comprised of classified professionals, faculty, and management have identified the specific steps and timelines needed to meet the goals and objective of the EMP. This work kicked-off on Thursday,  13 September 2018 during a site visit from the Collaborative Brain Trust (CBT), our consultants on the project. We will continue to work with CBT for four site visits (September: 13, 14, 27, 28).

This is exciting and important work that will help move the District forward and impact student learning over the course of the next five years. We are excited for both the product and the process throughout the fall 2018 semester.

SIP Action Items by Goal

SIP Objectives by Integrated Plan

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