Project Purpose and Growth

The Purpose of the EMP Task Force is to serve as a working group for development of the Merced College 2018-2023 Educational Master Plan (EMP).  The EMP Task Force will:

  • Ensure representation of all areas of the College in developing the EMP;
  • Work in collaboration with the CBT Consultant Team, providing input and feedback throughout the process of the plan’s development;
  • Support alignment of the EMP with the College's Mission, Vision, and Values;
  • Keep students, student success, and service to the Merced College region at the center of discussion during EMP development;
  • Exemplify quality employee engagement, advocate for additional internal stakeholder engagement, and serve as a communication body to the rest of the internal Merced College community, including the Los Banos Campus; and
  • Abide by team guidelines.
The project will be conducted in three phases:
  • Phase One: Discovery Phase
  • Phase Two: Preparation of Data Portfolio
  • Phase Three: EMP Goal Setting
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