“The Hundal Farms Scholarship Endowment will provide scholarships for students wishing to pursue careers in teaching. This is wonderful investment in our students, one that will produce lasting benefits for our society.”

Thanks to a long-time Merced College professor and her husband, students wishing to pursue teaching careers will have extra help in the form of scholarships.

History professor Amerjit Johl-Hundal and Par Singh Hundal, joint owners and trustees of Hundal Farms Inc., have established a $10,000 scholarship endowment through the Merced College Foundation.

We are very grateful for this generous gift, which Par and Amerjit have provided,” said Foundation Executive Director Robin Shepard.

Based in the Central Valley and Monterey County (Pebble Beach), Hundal Farms Inc. has been involved in the agricultural business for that past 25 years, mainly in the almond and pistachio production industry. The business presently encompasses several thousand acres and employs 30 full-time and 15 seasonal workers.

Hundal Farms Trust has been involved in philanthropic endeavors for the past 10 years, including endowments established with UCLA. Professor Johl has been teaching at Merced College since 1992. While she has educated local students, Hundal Farms Trust has made been a major contributor to our local economy. Together, the couple has made the local community a better place in which to live.

“This is our way of giving back to the Merced community. With this gift, we hope to encourage and motivate our students and benefit the people who live here.”

With a heart to change lives, Parvinder S. Hundal and Amerjit Johl will be pleased to know that their philanthropy will do just that.