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Approval Process Course and Program Approval Process: CurricUNET to Catalog
Bloom's Taxonomy Bloom's Taxonomy: SLO Verb List
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Curriculum Committee Charge

The Curriculum Committee has primary responsibility for implementing, through a collaborative effort, the philosophy and mission of the College in the development, review and renewal of all Merced College instructional programs and courses (AP 4020) .

Substantial and Non-Substantial Changes

Curriculum Approval Process for Substantive and Non-Substantive Changes

Definitions of Substantial and Non-Substantial Course and Program Changes

Creating New Courses

 New Course Justification Questions

The Course Outline of Record: A Curriculum Reference Guide

Objectives vs. Outcomes


Creating New Programs

Narrative Template (Traditional Degrees & Certificates)

Narrative Template (Associate Degrees for Transfer)

Taxonomy of Programs (T.O.P.) Manual, 6th Edition

New Programming Planning Considerations DRAFT

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Curricusearch (Faculty)

Curriculum Committee Member Reponsibilities  DRAFT Curriculum Committee Member Responsibilities
General Education (GE) Course Reviewers Guiding Notes 2016 GE Guiding Notes 2016
 Glossary of Terms  Glossary of Terms
Program Course and Approval Handbook (PCAH), 6th Edition   PCAH, 6th Edition (NEW)
 SLO Guidelines 

 SLO Guidelines (Academic Senate Resolution)

Objectives vs. Outcomes