Course Descriptions

Check the class schedule for current class offerings. Course descriptions below are from the 2015-2016 catalog.

GUID-30, Foundations and Strategies for College Success

(CSU breadth area #) 3 units; 3 hours lecture. Advisory: ENGL-85.
This comprehensive course integrates the cultivation of skills, values, and attitudes indicative of confident, capable students/individuals with problem solving and critical/creative thinking. The course focuses on the
following topics: life management, goal setting, career decision making, educational planning, college expectations and opportunities, instructor-student relationships, cultural diversity, lifestyle choices affecting health maintenance, stress management, campus resources, learning styles and strategies, and study skills. This course is recommended for all new students.

GUID-45, Pathways to Transfer

3 units: 3 hours lecture. Advisory: ENGL-85
This course is an introduction to the process of transfer from community college to a four-year college or university. Students will research and evaluate colleges and universities based on degrees offered, transfer
requirements, application process, housing, financial aid, scholarships, support services, and student life. Students will develop an education plan and a portfolio of personalized research information to assist them in the transfer process.

GUID-48, Life and Career Planning

3 units: 3 hours lecture. Advisory: ENGL-85.
This is a structured sequential course in life and career planning. Experiences are provided that encompass education, occupation, and job trends. The total individual is explored; issues such as life roles, values,
goals, life styles, preferences, coping skills, and personal barriers as they relate to decisions will be covered.

GUID-54, Foundations and Strategies for Academic Recovery

3 units: 3 hours lecture. Advisories: READ-81, ENGL-84.
This course is appropriate for students wishing to improve their academic standing. Each student will identify his/her educational goal and develop an appropriate plan for achieving that goal. Academic policies will be
addressed and strategies to get off and stay off probation, such as, informed decision-making, problem solving, classroom behavior, and behavior modification will also be studied. This course is recommended for
all students on academic and/or progress probation.

GUID-85, First Year Success

.50 unit: .50 hour lecture. Advisories: READ-80, ENGL-83.
This course is designed to introduce first year students to strategies for college success through an exploration of college policies, programs, services and academic expectations. Students will learn about Merced College’s academic programs, student services, academic expectations and policies, student rights and responsibilities, and campus activities. Students will receive a brief introduction to academic success strategies such as time management, goal setting, and study skills. Pass/no pass only.